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Trained personnel and everything for each cyclist
The "Bianchi Bike-Fit Store & Inlet" at the San Martino shopping center in Garbagnate Monastero (Lombardy, Italy) is an innovative Digital Store developed and designed by Bianchi, to improve the top-range products' presentaton and the education about the high level of the technological materials used during the design and production phases.
Thanks to the Bianchi Genesi software, here you can get quick and user-friendly information about products, technologies, accessories, premium services, news and promotions.
The expo area consists of two separate areas. Dedicated to advanced and expert cyclists, the Bike-Fit Store is characterized by a wide area dedicated to high-end technology with ultra-modern hardware, and displays all the best of apparel and accessories from Bianchi and beyond. The area is managed and organized by Bianchi’s skilled and technically-competent staff.
The second area of the store is dedicated to the new purchase system called Inlet, well-known in the US, that Bianchi introduced in the retail cycling. In the Inlet system, customers have the opportunity to enjoy affordable prices for some selected products from the current season or – like in outlets - carry-over ones.